Problem in selling of box and Nos

i am not expert in ERPNEXT .facing problem in sale some items which have two oum one box contain 3 nos. we need to mention the box price and it can divide it on NOS. it will be very appreciated if someone can assist me.

You can define the Alternate UoM in the item master.

After that you can sale in any unit and system will convert price and stock automatically.

I do but it’s not calculating the amount. What do I need to figure in sale prices. Buy should be box and sell should be also box.

Will I pls forward me ur WhatsApp number. Bcz i am struggle for last one week and couldn’t find any solution.

Dear what I should mention in item price both buy and sell should be box. I buy box and sell both uom box and nos.

You can set the price in the Box and sales may be in Box or Nos. System will automatically convert the Box price to Nos. Price.

Please check your Price List for selling and see if Price Not UOM Dependent is enabled or disabled:

This should calculate the amount once you have set the UOM correctly in item master.

EDIT: other option is to add item price for both UOMs box and nos.