Problem in Stock Ledger

I have a problem with the Stock ledger balance, not correct

any advice, please
ERPNext: v13.36.2 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.37.0 (version-13)

Hi. The imagen it is not enough to know what happen.
Maybe you already did it but if not, I recomend you check deeply on this item transactions to be sure it is not a data problem.
Back date posts (time matter, first two rows with similar time), canceled documents and negative stock transactions (as seen in first row) are commun cases for mismatches.
Check for differences in the records of General Ledger and Stock Ledger for each keys transacctions.
Personally I already dealed with all this kind of data issues.
Go to the last date when stock and balance value was 0 if you can and see forward looking for a possible origin of the difference.
I hope any of this tips can help you.