Problem in sync of shopify to erpnext

In the self-hosted environment I setup ERPNext and erpnext_shopify connector
After creating order on Shopify account with unpaid order
when I start sync Sales order created in ERP
but when I fulfilled the order on Shopify and mark as paid
and start sync now in ERP nothing effected nither sales invoice created nor delivery note in draft mode
kindly suggest me what thing going to a wrong

Thanks in advance


I think also there is some bugs and its likely because of the date… you can try to reset the sync date to past date and try sync again… if there is no error log it should be working…

im not figure out the problem with the date yet anyway


Don’t you have to install the ERPNext app on Shopify? Did you guys find that app on Shopify?



Yes I also face this scenario
when we reset date it perfectly syncs with shopify
there is some issue with this date

in current connector we don’t need install erpnext app on shopify
it’s deprecated

So, what should I enter for the APP ID and Password? The login ID and Password for Shopify?



You need to create app id and secret for your shopify account from app section > Manage private apps

Somehow i find bug i fixed it
here is fixed version
please test it and tell me it’s working for you because now for me it’s working

Dear @Jigar_Tarpara6d how it works for you?
for me Orders do not sync at all I’m in product version
Please help me if I’m missing anything
in my case Tax is included in item price

Are you getting any error in shopify sync log in erpnext?
Have you try to reset last sync date and restart sync with shopify?