Problem In workflow transition!

Hello ,
I had some problem in workflow permissions!
Here is my workflow for Material Request

And this is the transition

  • The first transition is OK when I log in with the user who has Material Requester role
  • The next transition when I log in with the user who has Material Supervisor it show me error message that there is No permission to ‘Save’ Material Request

    Unless I give him the previous roles for each to be able to save the form
    so material supervisor should have material requester role
    and material manager should have the material supervisor and material requester too !!

This is same for all workflow!
I wonder what is the problem.

Seems like Material Requester role has not permission to save/create Material Request.

Give him permission via Role Based Permissions

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I checked it before, and this is ok :confused:

On which action you’re facing this error? Check Material Supervisor role permissions also.

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It is the same
This is all role permissions in Material Request

Are you facing it while Approving Created By Requester with user Material Supervisor?

Yes, after approve it from Material Supervisor

any updates?

sorry, but this is a very old issue and done later
I forget this issue :confused:
Do you have a similar issue!

Yes, there’s role has full permission on Salary Slip. In the workflow, he can submit but have no permission to save which caused the next approver can not see the Salary Slip.

can you share your wf screenshot and permission role of salary slip

This is an issue as I use erpnext version 9. There’s a fix in form.js.

if ((frappe.workflow.is_read_only(this.doctype, this.docname) && (perms[“write”] ||
perms[“create”] || perms[“submit”] || perms[“cancel”])) || !frappe.workflow.is_read_only(this.doctype, this.docname)) {
var allowed_for_workflow = true;