Problem installing ERPNEXT on Digital Ocean instance

this morning I created a new instance on digital ocean:

Then I started to follow the installation instructions here

I successful installed Frappe Framework and then from the folder:
I executed this command:
_bench get-app erpnext
but it showed me an error saying that the folder already exist… but it’s not a problem, could be that the documentation is not updated…

then I executed these commands:
- bench new-site mysite
- bench --site mysite install-app erpnext
- bench start

When I opened my browser using this URL:
It showed me this message:
./localhost/site_config.json dows not exist

It’s possible that using a blank image from Digital Ocean a user could have problem following these simple steps?

My opinion is that every user that what to know this software should be able to install the application using your instruction without having problems. If it doesn’t work a lot of people could be scared from this situation and will not discovery your product.

What do you think about?


Try bench reinstall

Now I tried on a different DISTO UBUNTU 14.04 and the installation process went well.

Now if I try to connect to http://:8000 it doesn’t show the page but on this URL:
it shows this:

but if I try to register a user it says to me that I will receive details by email, but I looked in my inbox and SPAM but any I did not found any email.
What I have to do now to test the software?

Ok, I found the solution here:

to login I must use Administrator and the password generated in the setup process.