Problem Integration ERPNext with G-suite

Hello everyone,
I need your help
Actually, I have a problem with integration with G-suite
I follow this Link < Google GSuite > but when I got an error when I reached to the step ( 1.3 Test Script ) when I click on “Allow” this page open

This is the link of Learn More Utilizzare OAuth 2.0 per accedere alle API di Google  |  Authorization  |  Google Developers
Note that my ERPNext system is in Local Server

Hello, do you still have the problem?
If that so, you should copy redirect_uri link (last 2 lines in that screenshot) to authorized redirect URIs on step 1.2.4

The manual have extra slash:
http://{{ yoursite }} (unecessary slash) ?cmd=frappe.integrations.doctype.gsuite_settings.gsuite_settings.gsuite_callback