Problem of setting up a workflow

Hi All

I followed the guide to set up a workflow for the leave application but the system only said “Rejected not a valid State”. I don’t know where I get wrong! could anyone help? Thanks


Check if you have added “Rejected” as a state in the states table in the workflow?. Additionally, send us a screenshot of the workflow that you have set up so that we can guide you.

Herewith the screen capture. I have set all states in the workflow state page and try to set the workflow. Whatever I set in state, it just shows ‘ not valid state’.


The workflow set is wrong. There are two tables in the workflow: States and Transition.

In the States table, you need to mention the states in each row. As per your screenshot, you have mentioned only “Pending” in the first column which is incorrect. Refer the screenshot of a sample workflow below.

Additionally, check this link to more about workflows: Workflows

Once your workflow is set correctly, check it in the transaction.

Hope this helps.

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Okay. It’s fixed. Many Thanks