Problem on 'Created On' filter

We found there is a bug on ‘Created On’ filter on list view page. I found list data will not include the data whose creation is ‘2016-04-08’ When I put filter Created On <= 2016-04-08.
I found the return condition is ifnull(tabTime Log.creation, “”) <= “2016-04-08” by using debug. Obviously, it is not right. The fieldtype of ‘creation’ filed is datetime, using this condition in sql will cause extracting data wrongly.
The same problem will happen when using ‘Equal’, it will not get any data by using condition ifnull(tabTime Log.creation, “”) = “2016-04-08”.
Any reply will be appreciated.


Yes, as Created On is datetime field you need to construct a between condition using <= and >= options.

@saurabh6790 Thanks your reply. Why not make some changes? I already pulled, #1719.