Problem to make deliver note for a serial number

i want to make delivery note for one items but i got error this serial number not available in this warehouse .

or when i want to transfer item show bellow error .

bellow show this item available in same warehouse :

I don’t know how to make deliver note for this items , i thing some thing wrong after i update recently .

we received this serial with 65 other serial for this part number , for all was ok and we made deliver note , but for this serial we can’t do any thing , it’s not assigned to any warehouse .
what’s solution ?

@meisam , Go to Stock>Item and see if the stock is showing in Item master.

If you have stock for the item then it should show under Stock Levels with each Warehouse.

If you do not find the stock then create stock of Item and then only you can transfer.

yes show items in item master . but can’t make any move or delivery note .

Check receipt date for the Serial No. Perhaps the Transfer Date of Stock Entry is before the receipt date for this Serial No.

Dear @umair
no we receive 65 pcs of this items with 65 serial and after that we are going to make delivery note for all 65 pcs to customer , but 64 serial accepted only on for one serial we got this error .

any idea about this problem ?