Problem when selecting company default accounts, can only see parent company's accounts

RISE Distribution (“RD”) is a child company of RISE Corp (“RISECORP”). It inherits the COA from RISECORP. The idea is to enable single structure of all accounts within the group, although each child company should still has its own entries (and reports).

I am 100% sure when previously setting RD company default accounts, I had set and selected all accounts with RD (not RISECORP). But now (maybe after a couple of bench update?) it no longer able to select RD accounts. It can see only RISECORP’s accounts, both on empty fields or even on previously filled fields.

In the last screen, I expect to see Company = RISE Distribution, not Company = RISE Corp.
Was it or is it a bug? Or maybe I am missing something?

On the other hand, I could (or had to, because it was not set on Company default account) select RD company account in Sales Invoice item level. Although this is not an ideal situation that I had to enter it for each item in the invoice. That’s why I wanted to set it through company’s default Income account.