Problem with "bench update" redis-server: not found

I actually have no idea how to comment on a closed Topic or how to reopen it, so I will just create a new one.

I have the exact same Problem as described in this post by @imapirate :

@imapirate was able to solve his issue on his own but unfortunately he did not mention which ports he exactly exposed in which containers to execute the “bench update” command successfully.

Could you perhaps share your docker-compose.yml or alternatively just mention where you changed the original one by donysukardi.

Thank you very much and nice weekend.

@fux Sorry, I ran out of time to work on that, but yes I found the issue and it has nothing to do with frappe/erpnext itself so I closed it. I’ll be back on that next month I think and try to fix it. Rest assured I’m going to share my findings here :slight_smile: I think many people are waiting for that.

Beware the awesome work by donysukardi is not production ready at all… The image won’t build, although it’s a simple dependency issue, but most importantly it won’t survive container regeneration… so you have to tweak it… just saying.

If you have time to wait I’ll follow up asap :unamused:

Hi @imapirate, thank you for your quick reply.

I think it is a real pity that there is no officially supported docker image for erpnext. I would really like to contribute if the project decided to put some efforts in that. However the discussion on that stopped in September 2016:

Did I get you right? Are you trying to build your own docker image for erpnext?

Yes provided i fix the networking issue.

Hi @imapirate … did you already have time to fix the networking issue with the docker containers?

not yet unfortunately… and right now I’m busy with other pythonic topics… Will be back on this in about a month.