Problem with "bench update"

i get this error when i did the bench update command :

subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command ‘sudo supervisorctl restart frappe-bench-workers: frappe-bench-web:’ returned non-zero exit status 7.

any one help please ?

You can try bench setup supervisor and then retry bench update (select y when prompted).

bench setup supervisor;
bench setup nginx;

sudo service nginx reload;
sudo supervisorctl restart all;


bench update;

it did not work


this is the bug .

Note: if you have fresh installation then no worry, if you have real server and some transaction done then take firstly database backup and then play around it.

Firstly, check services using

systemctl status supervisor;
systemctl status nginx;

Response must be like

if everything right, then simply reboot the server using

sudo reboot;

Once reboot, then following command helps you.

sudo bench setup production [frappe-user]

in your case

sudo bench setup production frappe;

If you have a production server, then use this and restart the server normally.

Hi @hayyan_daood,

If you install version 14 then requires Python version 3.10+.

Thank You!

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Yes @NCP said you are using python 3.8 version you must upgrade it if you try to install erpnext14

Nice catch! :smiley:

@pra17shant @NCP