Problem with customer currency


It’s my first time configuring ERPNext and I have encountered a problem regarding creating invoices and quotations. When I add customer I choose their currency (in my case Macedonian Denar), also when I add Item I choose currency (same, Macedonian Denar). When I try to make invoice or quotation, I enter all fields and when I click Save this pops up:
Accounting Entry for Customer: ************* can only be made in currency: USD.

I have tried every other currency, it works only with USD.

Thank you,

Your Company Currency has defaulted to USD. When setting up the Company its best that you select the Denar. Further, in the Chart of Account Values, the currency is defaulted to USD.

both Company Currency and in Chart of Account Values are in Denar

check the Price List.,…if that is USD…

That’s also in MKD

Are u using a frappe hosted instance ?

No @Fahad2, bitnami self-hosted

In a bitnami instance most setups default to USD. Check if all the Accounts are not in USD. Please see screenshot for the location…

@Fahad2, you are the best. The problem was in debtors. Thank you

Glad could help…check the other accounts also…and the price list currency…errors tend to pop up in Bitnami instance…in a Frappe instance (including 14 day trial), u have to select the country and currency…so the currency issue does not occur…