Problem with data import

I have exported some item data from my previous installation. Items has attributes and brand. But while importing in new system I,m getting error :

Error for row (#21) “Takko Lot Price Tag-001 WHITE-XXL” : Default Unit of Measure for Variant ‘Dzn’ must be same as in Template ‘None’

But I have same UOM everywhere I mean in template and variants . I,m attaching the file . Can anyone help please ?



Can you please confirm if Template Item is already imported? It seems like you are trying to import the Variants Item before Template Item.

I have selected document type “item” and exported it and then imported it, is there any way to export templates and variant items separately ? How can I attach the file so you can see it ?

Perhaps you can user report builder to export filtered data.

Or you can apply the filter on the excel-template-with-data, and filter out template items. Import template items first, and then try importing Variants.

I have exported filtered data from report builder but it can’t be imported , it showed “uploading” and "start adding data below this line " message . But nothing imports