Problem with Email configuration


I would like to configure only outgoing email, not incoming (I have no pop3 server), and I have a couple of problems.

  1. Error “Incoming email account not correct” as shown in the image below, but I can’t just leave it empty:

  2. Using to send email, I need to authenticate with username and password, but I see no fields for setting smtp username and password

Thanks in advance for support

I think you can use email accounts if you wish just for outgoing mail. Check the options and the manual ie

I am getting this error for “Incoming email account not correct”. But as per the documents in ERPNext regarding configuration setting still the problem persist and still the solution for this not clear in the discussion form as well.

This guide is also not able to provide sufficient way for installation of such error. Please help us in rectifying this issue Thanks.

Me too facing same issue…

have you resolved it ?

The setup documentation may not be current however the steps, configuration options and general setup practice are not novel.

If this might help, this is the code that implements the email config validation -

frappe/ at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub

I urge you to persist with your efforts and to refer to past reports to troubleshoot.

A certain amount of trial and error is common.

good luck

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@mohnish_thakur2003 and @enricod75

We have Resolved this Issue, try to Login from Administrator User and try to add Email Domain.
That worked for me.

Thank You

Turned out frappe could not access the internet. Going online promptly resolved the problem.