Problem with filter on Status in "Purchase Invoice"

I want to create a method for planning to Suppliers payments to be executed. The first thing that comes to mind is filtering the Purchase Invoice List by Due Date and Status, so you see PINV’s which are due in a particular period and which are not paid yet.

The filter on the Due Date works as expected.
But the filter on the Status doesn’t.

In the example below should filter by “PAID” but also shows and entry which is in “DRAFT” status

the 2nd example should show all invoice which are “NOT PAID” (Status!= Paid), so the “DRAFT” invoice from the example above should be visible but actually isn’t.

I guess it has something to do with “Status” vs “Document Status”.

apparently a PINV which is not yet submitted and marked as DRAFT in the Purchase invoice List. Can be affected by the Document Status filter, but not by the Status Filter.

However for my usecase it is needed to show PINV that are not paid “NOT PAID” (Status!= Paid) as well as Invoice with “DRAFT” Status (Document Status = Draft) at the same time.

Apparently the default Filter does not support an OR logic like

Document Status=Draft OR Status!=Paid

it’s treating this always like

Document Status=Draft AND Status!=Paid

which does not show what is needed for my situation

Is there any way to achieve this?

The solution for this particular scenario comes with using the Outstanding Amount Filter instead of Status.

Putting that to Outstanding Amount > 0 shows + Due Date Between .... returns what we need.