Problem with importing Contacts

I’m trying to import a list of contacts. I downloaded the template and gave each a unique ‘name’ (which is, according the database schema, the primary key). However, many of the contacts failed due to duplicate name errors. Checking the error log, it’s trying to set the name as a concatenation of the first and last names. Delving into the code, I see the following method:

	def autoname(self):
	# concat first and last name = " ".join(filter(None,
		[cstr(self.get(f)).strip() for f in ["first_name", "last_name"]]))

	# concat party name if reqd
	for link in self.links: = + '-' + link.link_name.strip()

I understand the purpose of this for when a contact is made in ERPNext, but surely imports should override these autoname methods if the ID is set specifically?