Problem with installation erpnext on alpine (Pandas Issue)

I have docker-erpnext to build application (GitHub - Monogramm/docker-erpnext: Docker image for ERPNext.)

But the last cron tab job gave me error for alpine versions:

When I try to execute command bench install-app erpnext it gave me error

Any ideas, why it was happened?

You need to show the screen/logs/traceback, otherwise nobody can help you

I linked travis log in the topic

Try adding specific versions of pandas/numpy like so…

cd $HOME/frappe-bench;
./env/bin/pip3 install numpy==1.18.5;
./env/bin/pip3 install pandas==0.24.2;

I already tried, but it did not helped

Maybe compare a healthy job log with the problem log to identify what is amiss?

The problem is due a compilation flaw into pandas

The way to avoid that is installing few requirements on the machine before everything

sudo apt install python3-dev python3-minimal python-distutils python3-pandas python3-numpy cython

Not all packages exists in alpine linux system, but thanks for your reply

I added this libraries, but the problem stayed:

If you look here Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence

You will see that the pandas still failling to compile
I forgot to mention, a good thing is use dead-snakes ppa and ensure you have latest python3.8 to install pandas