Problem with item variant uploading

Hi Guys,

I have upload new variants with excel to an existing template item (which had variants with transactions).

After that when I try to save the item template (which is untouched) I receive the below message:

As there are existing transactions for this item, you can not change the value of Valuation Method

What can I do in order to synchronize the new variants (pictures, selling price etc.) with the template?

Please let me know

Check the valuation method of the Item for which you are uploading variants. The item in ERPNext maybe have different valuation method as compared to what you have in your CSV upload template.

Dear Pawan, thanks for the reply.
the valuation method is the default one (FIFO) and I haven´t changed anywhere.
I haven´t touched the template, but now seems like stuck…cannot do anything.

I also tried to delete all the new entries, but nothing is changed…