Problem with linking files in File Manager

I have been using ERP Next for some months now. I am trying to shift everything to ERP Next, including our company files and certain images/ pictures. I am facing a few issues related to this. Let me elaborate below:

  1. Why doesn’t ERP Next pick/link attachments which are linked to certain documents (Purchase Invoice, Payment Entry, etc.) in the folders I have created? By default, it saves them to attachments folder where it is tough to find a document as all the attachments are saved there. Please check the attached image (Issue 1) for reference.
    Issue 1

  2. I have changed the logos to my company logos. I had uploaded the images(logo) to a folder Company Images in mt File Manager. When I linked the file Logo.png (in website settings) from Company Images folder, it again saved a copy of the file in the Home directory. Since you can change the logo at three different places on your website, it has saved three different copies of Logo.png in the Home directory, which makes no sense. Please refer images - Issue 2A, Issue 2B.
    Issue 2A
    Issue 2B

  3. Same for Item images. I have uploaded Item images to a folder I created and when I linked them to the item, it made a copy of it in the Home folder.

The reason I am raising concerns is because I want things to be organized and secondly, I already have company files on Google Drive/ cloud and I have sorted files accordingly. I would like to replicate the same on ERP Next as it has a basic file manager.

Thanks in advance!