Problem with PayPal integration


Whenever I try to submit a Payment Request using PayPal as the Payment Gateway Account, ERPNext hangs for several seconds. No error comes up, nothing in the logs (at least nothing I could find), Payment Request stays in draft state and no email is sent. Same behaviour if I hit the Resend Payment Email button. An Integration Request log is created and it shows a token, so I guess my PayPal settings are correct. Email communication is working just fine in other parts of the system.

This is the second time I try this integration and it worked the first time (well at least email with payment link was sent). I don’t remember which version of ERPNext I was running at the time.

I am now running the latest version:
ERPNext: v7.2.29
Frappe Framework: v7.2.29

Any idea of what could be wrong?

Thank you!

It turns out that all communications with an attached document were behaving the same. The problem was the Letterhead. As soon as there was an image in it, the PDF generation was failing. I had to create a new letterhead, with exactly the same image and text as the original and it is now working.

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