Problem with print preview upon upgrade

Any error message in the console please?

Also indicate if you have made any customizations on how Standard print formats are generated in ERPNext?

Hi @umair,

I experienced the same issue this morning after an update. It is an authorization problem because I gave the user the system manager rights and it solved the issue.
Didn’t have time to investigate which role was impacted, but the user was basically a sales user when the issue occurred.

Hope this helps :wink:

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Thanks for reply

Please clarify, there’s already system manager user which created during the setup wizard
The above preview issue occurred using both system manager and administrator users as well.
Upgrade done through terminal using frappe user as usual.

Please clarify, What console?
Upgrade were done using two machines and the problem prevails for both system manager and administrator users.

  1. Baseline machine; at which setup wizard has been triggered after upgrade
  2. Running machine; at which data were entered with no customization were done yet in print format
    for scenario 2, customization always created as clone while keeping standard format as it is.

Please advise, what to do to retrieve print preview

Hi @vClouds,

Sorry then your issue may have been different than mine.
I experienced a similar issue with a basic user and it was solved giving him a system manager role.

As for your case, as @umair proposed, check your browser console (ctrl + I in Chrome for example) and copy and paste the result to allow an analysis.

Thanks for hint on console
Below is the output logging using administrator user

More output upon filtering to errors

With the default permissions, Sales User should be able to print and preview Sales Order. Please check Role Permission Manager in your account and ensure that Role in question has Print permission assigned.