Problem with Quoting Items from different Price Lists

I am trying to setup separate Selling Price Lists for each supplier, each with thousands of items, e.g.:
Item1 in PriceList1
Item2 in PriceList2
I’ve and have encountered the following problem.
During quotation:

  1. I select PriceList1 then add Item1
  2. I select PriceList2 then add Item2
    When I save the quotation I get Message:
    Item Price added for Item1 in Price List PriceList2.
    This creats a problem of wrong items in the wrong price lists, mixes items and suppliers where items end up in wrong supplier price list.
    Further testing showed that this is true for Quotation and Sales Order.

Please assist.
Gene May

In the one transaction, you can only fetch prices from one price list. Can you please elaborate your use-case for creating separate Price List for each Item? Perhaps you don’t need it. Or you should create separate transaction for another Price List.

Thank you for prompt reply Umair.
If a quotation is one transaction then we are able fetch prices from different price lists, which is very useful for our business. I did that by selecting correct price list in the “Currency and Price List” section, before adding next item.
More information about use-case in the example below.

  • T-Shorts are from T-Short-Supplier with variants of size and color (PriceList-T-Short-Supplier)
  • Shorts are form Shorts-Supplier with variants of size, color, male/female (PriceList-Shorts-Supplier)
  • Soaps are from Soap-Supplier with variants of fragrance, shape (PriceList-Soap-Supplier)

Quotation can be any number and combination of item variants.
This works except the last selected price list is updated with all items in the table from other price lists once Quotations is saved.
It would be also very useful if drop-down Items Code where from selected PriceList only, rather than all items.

Gene May

in version 14, are we still unable to have price list depending on item code rather based on countries, customers, transactions, etc…? for example, we want to identify whether the price list is formula based, or manually based, but if we put everything in standard selling, there is no way to separate