Problem with rate on quotation and invoices

Hi all,

we are using ERPnext for some time now and we have encountered a problem in quotation and sales invoices. We are using v10.

I am going to explain our process in a few notes:

  1. We create a quotation with certain items and write rate for those items
  2. We save quotation
  3. The rate is saved wrong

For example:

  1. We create quotation with one item “Service” - qty 1 - rate 250
  2. We save quotation
  3. Everything is correct, except rate that is - 249,9996

Does anyone have idea what could be wrong?

Nothing actually wrong here, a search on ‘rounding’ ‘precision’ or ‘round-off’ will inform you what this is about.

edit: I discovered this documentation to explain how to change decimal precision