Problem with "Rates": BOM differnt to Stock Entry

We setting up manufacturing for canned fish food, and met strange problem.
Got 2 different products, that are using in manufacturing process: Salt and Oil. And there are two places, where we can see prices for this items: Stock Entry (Manufacturing) and Bill of Material (BM). They are different for Salt, but not for Oil!
How can this happen? There were no reconcilations, or other Stock Entries, please help.
At screenshots its 1 and 2 rows:

  1. Oil was buying for 127,34 RUB per Liter
  2. Salt was buying for 11,30 RUb per Kg

in stock entry both are correct, but in BOM - Salt is more cheap.

BOM button for Updating Costs dont help!

Also having same problem with some other Items, there is no any logic in it

Which version are you working?

13 version

There might be some pending/queued repost item valuation entries which might effect valuation rates

I had two of them, but there was record for manufacturing entry, which included all items: Salt, Oil, Fish and others. Cant see any reason here