Problem with recurring Invoices pdf format


I am facing problem with recurring Invoices. It generates mails with default print format
without letterhead. While generating Sales Invoice I am getting proper format and it generates
properly. But recurring Sales Invoices comes with a default format without letterhead. Customers have no option to see the Company Name other than looking at the email domain name.I am facing this problem from Ver.5.0 onwards. I have done the following so far.

  1. Migrated from one machine to another. I am running this on Amazon Ec2.
    on Ubuntu 14.04. Took another instace and restored backup. Still the same issue.

  2. Tried with changing Letter Head. No luck.

  3. Upgraded to latest Version. 6.23.6 without luck.

    Normal Invoices are generating properly. So, Please me know some pointers to
    troubleshoot this issue.


Have you tried to create your own print formats with letterhead or just made a static text as letterhead?

Thank you for helping me.

I am using the default print formats. No modifications made on the print formats.
On letterhead I am using the scan copy of letterhead in PNG format. Is this creating the problem ?. I just checked the size of the file. It is only 472K.

Anything else I have to check ?

Other importent note is that when I select the print format from the menu from erpnext
it gives correct format on the interface. The problem is with the attachment on email
from recurring one. Only the email attachement shows bad format and that is what
receiving at customer end.

Please let me know the troubleshooting tips.

Hi All,

Can some one confirm that there is no known bugs with this. In that case I would
like to recreate all the print formats, letter heads again and would like to try.


See Print Settings for your default letter head options.

Hi All,

Still trouble with this issue.
I tried with creating new letterhead only with logo, print head settings. but no luck.
Where can I see this logs specific to the recurring invoices. ?.
Tha nks