Problem with routes in Help Article

Entered route in help article do not prepend itself directly with the domain name/ip address.

cf. below figures.

ERPNext: v13.2.0 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.2.0 (version-13)

Not sure, if I get your question. You are saying, that the help articles are public available, but you don’t want to have them public?

I mean that:

  • Help articles have their own route
  • This route is public (and should be)
  • But when I click on route, the route is not prepended with the appropriate domain name or IP address.

For e.g., say I have a route as /kb/cleaning/gold-ring as a route for help article with name Cleaning Gold Ring (image on the top) which is a part of help category named Cleaning at /kb/cleaning (image on the bottom).

When I click on the help article Cleaning Gold Ring which is visible at it should redirect me to, but, in current situation it redirects me to just kb/cleaning/gold-ring (note that domain name is not in the url as shown in the red box of the bottom image).