Problem with SINV, Advance Payment & write off Amount

I have a Sales Invoice to which I want to allocate and unallocated amount of an existing payment Entry. The Amount that is available is slighty lower then the Invoice Amount and I want to write off the difference (in order to make the SINV paid).

So I

  1. add the Payment Entry as Advance Payment and Allocate all Funds available to my Invoice
  2. make an Entry of the difference in the Write Off Section

Unfortunaltely I can not Submit that Invoice with an error that does not tel me anythig really

“Allocated amount can not be greater then unadjusted amount”


Is there a way to post the invoice without the Write Off amount and do that in a second step, so the Inoice will be marked as paid in full?

I guess you can create a write-off journal entry with reference to sales invoice in question.

How about you create a bank or cash account called Write Off. Make that a Payment Type (or whatever) and use that to receive payment for the amount you wish to write off?

Hope this helps.



thx for the input. I have a write off account already (I believe this is even one of the defualts you need to have) and I guess bith methods may work. I’ll think it through and report back on how it worked for me.

I personally believe the slickest way would be the one I just had described though. But it seems it may be tricky to get a hang on what that error message even means actually. It never came up anywhere in the Forum, so I guess it’ll be hard to crack.

@vrms - not sure if you are looking for a solution to an existing payment entry or have the option to create a new one… for the latter:

  • Payment entry amount - should be equal to exact amount deposited in bank
  • Allocated amount against invoice should be equal to full amount of invoice - usually greater than the deposit amount as customer underpays / bank deducts some fees
  • The difference amount then can be written off (positive)

When you submit this payment entry - invoice will show as fully paid, bank ledger will show the exact amount deposited and the P&L will show the write-off amount as an expense.

For an existing payment entry say posted as an advancew payment - you would use the match payments with invoices tool and do not know if system will let you allocate the full invoice amount and also create the write-off entry. Perhaps easier to cancel the payment entry and repost new one as above…

true. that is exactly what I am doing in a standard scenario

the situation I am trying to solve here is to use existing payment (which partially has been allocated to other invoices already) as an ADVANCE PAYMENT for this new invoice (which actually has an earlier posting date then the payment entry).

Hi. I am having a similar issue with trying to bring advances into a Purchase Invoice, we believe the problem is being caused by a rounding issue. The currency has a minimum fraction of 0.01 but the system is valuating it to a much smaller fraction so we are unable to match it exactly and we get the same error as you. Were you ever able to solve your problem?