Problem with Web Views

I have built the Library Management app according to the official tutorial. I am facing a problem with web views of the app. I create a user (with only the role of Library Member) so that when he/she logs into the frappe, he/she will see only the web page (localhost:8000/Article) instead of the Desk UI. Here is the apps/library_management/library_management/ -

from __future__ import unicode_literals

app_name = "library_management"
app_title = "Library Management"
app_publisher = "Noor Faizur Reza"
app_description = "App fpr managing Articles,Members, Memberships and Transactions for libraries"
app_icon = "octicon octicon-book"
app_color = "#589494"
app_email = ""
app_version = "0.0.1"

# website user home page (by Role)
role_home_page = {
    "Library Member": "Article"

Here is the role permissions of the doctype Article and Library Member-

What should i do to restrict the user from seeing the Desk UI and throw him only the desired web page after logging in?

Set User Type as Website User in the User record.

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Thank you very much. My problem is solved. :smiley: