Problems and feature requests


I just started using ERP Next a while back. There are a few suggestions and problems I am facing:

  1. The drop-down menu of awesome bar is not functioning properly. I haven’t seen this type of scrolling on any platform. The highlighted (grey) section remains in the bottom instead of going up when UP arrow key is pressed


  1. There is no dedicated help-line for this program. I get that it’s FOSS but, for people migrating from Tally and other accounting software, they are used to calling their customer support number and it is very convenient.

  2. The paths and Reports & Masters of different sections/ modules don’t match. I am attaching 2 GIFs for reference. Here, I am searching for my domain’s Homepage and when I click the Website hyperlink near the logo on the top-left corner, it takes me back to the Website module but Hompage button is not present there. Due to this there are a lot of features and options that are not visible to a new user.

Homepage%203 Homepage

  1. How to keep track of Bank loans in ERPNext? I want reminders, charts and reports on the installments I have paid, the remaining installments and where the money has been disbursed (vendors and suppliers)

  2. ‘Login As Administrator’ button on top right corner in Frappe Cloud NAME* takes you to another user which is the ‘administrator’. How do I login with username and password (since even after setting the password I couldn’t login) instead of clicking the button every time? And what is the difference between this user and user with my ID? The administrator user doesn’t even appear in the User List when I login from my user

  3. Is there a module for electricity consumption? Like, we keep a hard copy and digital record of Generator- running hours, Diesel used, energy generated, Electricity board consumption- from their meter and our internal meter. How do we analyze this data?

Overall, I like the intent and how robust/ feature rich this software is. Thanks!

Frappe offers more than excellent support for paying customers

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I had called Frappe helpline and got to know their SMB package is for US$1500/year which is too much compared to their rivals. But, even if I pay, they only help in the core areas of the software and not the general working and queries. At least that’s what their guy told me.

Also, as mentioned earlier, here in India the support that we get with Tally software is nowhere comparable to Frappe’s. They are available anytime during the day and very supportive on call.

Here, I’ve been trying to get in touch with them on mail, calls and through support tickets but I only get a response after 2-3 days on mail or their lines are mostly busy.

A supprised to hear your experience.
I am a paying customer since 2011 and I was and am always impressed by the level of their service.
I live in Europe so there is a 4,5 hour time difference but issues are generally resolved within 24 hours.
There are no free meals.
Erpnext is for free,but you will need the technical resources to run it.
Alternatively, you pay Frappe (or another service provider) and they will give you the support you need.

Dear Friend, First of all, you need to understand there is no comparison between Tally and ERPNext so change your mindset.

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CA_BC_Chechani - I am comparing the service and NOT the software. I know the differences between both the software and I admire the robustness of it. You need to read before replying instead of giving standard replies.

Naturally, The cost of service of a BMW and Maruti 800 is also different.:grinning:

So is the Quality of Service, which I’m afraid is not good.

That’s great to hear. I’ve also been in the FOSS eco-system for around 15-16 years now.

Till date they haven’t replied to a query for Custom domain name (Using Custom Domain On ERPNext) posted on 7th April, 2022. It says in the article to contact after doing settings at my end, which I did and am not getting any response.

I am not asking for any free service. If the response time is this slow, I do not think there’s any point in taking their paid service. It would be cheaper and better to hire a programmer to manage your site at $15,000/annum who would do it without any delays.

Anyway, these are our personal experiences and I just want them to make their support better so that more people can start using this platform. Let’s just leave it to that.