Problems encountered during installation

Hello ,I install ERPNext with Virtualbox, I face some error when I follow all the defaults, but when I click “import”, it is failed. like this as below, please help.thanks.!

photo_2021-05-27_16-00-04|600x500 photo_2021-05-27_16-00-12

Usually due to one of these:

  • Insufficient disk/free space.
  • Improper file system - FAT32 doesn’t support a file that is more than 4GB. (In this case, you need to convert the file system of your drive from FAT32 to NTFS).
  • Corruption of the import file

Thanks for your suggestion

1.I have enough space,more than ,100G

2.My folder format is NTFS,

3.I re-downloaded the new VOA format file, this time ,I try to import the ERPNext-Production.ova,it can import, but after some seconds, it shows the failure interface。