Problems in ERPNext on VM standalone

Since I started using ERPNext standalone on VM about 3 years back, I have encountered numersous problems at certain stage of installing, using, starting etc. Even after Version 12 there are still inbuilt problem of updating now.
I have now started to doubt but unsure if I believe now that ERPNext foundation members leave some problems so that standlone people should either migrate to online version or take the unaffordable support.
Hope it’s not true.
Why can’t ERPNext have smooth installation, smooth backup, smooth operation, and smooth start.
Just look at the topics in this forum, you will notice tons of problems users face. I think it’s the high time to make it with smooth experience for the standalone users as well.

I’m FOSS self hosted ERPNext user since I started using it. It is the same codebase that is part of the SaaS offering.

Using FOSS is more or less similar experience everywhere. Up to a point everything is “easy install” after that it’s all code, configs and community forums in almost all FOSS projects.

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coding I don’t know, config is so difficult in ubuntu, community forums are good but it takes so long sometimes months and many times the problem doesn’t get solved.