Problems in New installation

Dear Team,

Did a new installation on Ubuntu 13.10. Everything seems to be working fine when i came across two problem.
  1. That the editor is not responding properly. None of the options work but the keyboard short cut to bold work. Error posted in git(1012)
  2. When creating the new custom field I cant save the field. Again the error posted on git (1011).

Can you guys provide a easy fix if possible




If you are posting an issue,

  1. We should be able to replicate it at our end. So please give us as much information as you can. Please see it from the point of view of the person receiving the communication.
  2. Paste your code at or and send only the URL via email
  3. For sending images, use or other similar services. Do not send images as attachments. Links are good. Same goes for any file you are going to send.


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