Problems on Updating to 12.11.2 Has Batch number missing

Recently updated to this version. I saw that has batch number option was missing. Not sure how to correct this… pls advise.

Thanks and Regards


Screenshot attached

Any one???

Have you tried ? Bench clear-cache

Did that, still the problem persists… Any idea?

Is there any customisation?

If not then run bench update --reset

Also try

bench migrate Will read JSON files and make changes to the database accordingly

No customisation to the core. Only a custom app installed. Additionally bench update --reset doesnt do the trick!! :frowning:

trying out migrate…

Migrate doesnt work :frowning: need some serious help!

Please check row in the DocType >> Item.

Dear Suresh,
This is present, however its not editable.

What do you get on bench migrate?

bench --site your_site_name migrate