Problems with installation in centos 8

Hi everbody , I hope that everybody are fine.
When i writte “bench start >/tmp/bench_log &” my output was [1] 7574.
After that I writte “bench update” my output was

Backing up sites…

cannot proceed with update: You have local changes in app “frappe” that are not commited.

Here are your choices:

  1. Merge the frappe app manually with “git pull” / “git pull --rebase” and fix conflicts.
  2. Temporarily remove your changes with “git stash” or discard them completely
    with “bench update --reset” or for individual repositories “git reset --hard”
    2.If your changes are helpful for others , send in a pull request via Github and wait for them to be merged in the core.

i went to my browser and writte localhost:8000 erpnext is ok but I see a message

Your system is being update. Please refresh again after a few minutes

other problem is when i tried put “bench setup supervisor” my output was “warn: superuser privileges required for this command” , afther that i put “sudo bench etup supervisor” but my output was “sudo: bench: command not found” .
Sorry if some commands are used incorrectly , I´m new in linux