Problems with purchase invoice stock


I am trying to give a step forward with ERPNext and gave another try to Purchase Module.

I am having a hard time trying to adcance with it.

In first place, I am having a permission problem:

1.- I had User in the Company restricted to the actual company, so that Default Company is selected by default in all the forms, instead of an old test one that is still hanging around and I can’t delete.

2.- This was working fine everywhere, but I tried to create a purchase invoice many times, and then the invoices were not there, until I found out that it was this user permission restriction that doesn’t allow me to see the purchase invoices I was creating.

3.- I don’t know why this doesn’t affect in the same way to sales invoice for example.

4.- On purchase invoice list, there was 2 restrictions. One was the Company restriction, and the other one was Represents-Company, that I don’t know from where was coming, and I think that was the one causing me to not be able to see the Purchase Invoices.

Now that I deleted the restriction to the actual company on the user, I can create Purchase Invoices and see them, but when I try to validate them, I get a Notice telling me that:

Please select default value Stock Received But Not Billed on the Company

There is no account I can choose, and if I try to create one, it is impossible, as I can’t not save anything on the account creation form.

If I modify an account that already exists, and choose type Stock Received But not Billed, I can’t shoose it either on the Company corresponding field.

What am I doing wrong?!

Many thanks and kind regards,

I’m also facing the same problem
Please set default Asset Received But Not Billed in Company error massage.

Hi again,

Suddeny, after trying for the sixth time, the modified account to be Stock Received but not Billed was recognized.

So, that is one thing solved.


Yes, the same in here, with the previous Stock Received but not billed solved, now this is what I get:

Asset Received But not Billed…

I think that this should go if I we complete the lower right field on my screen capture:

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