Problems with Sales Invoice

Good Day Everyone.

Case Scenario:
After I submit a Sales Order, the customer occasionally requires additional “items” or additional quantity.
Is there a way to add the requirements without creating another Sales Order??

Also, Could I create more than 1 invoice from the same Sales Order?
(P.S: Not every invoice is the same Items, due to the previous question)

Is Subscription helpful in this case? If so, How?

Thank You

You can cancel the Sales Order and ammend it to a new revision…

This is not a solution, I need to keep the Sales Order. It is considered as an Open Contract.

Thank you for your reply though.

Ok, you dont want to cancel the SO because its an open contract, but you will add new items to the contract, so technically seen you will make a new revision of the contract. So why wont you do exactly this with the SO? Sorry, i dont understand this :thinking:


Interesting… How would someone go about amending a Sales Invoice to a new revision?

Or does this require using a Sales Order first? (we have been going straight to Sales Invoice and by-passing the Sales Order).

We saw Sales Orders as a wasted extra step when we are selling and immediately handing over products to the customer. We thought Sales Orders were to be used when a customer calls in an order to be shipped and invoiced at some later date. That is a rare occurrence in our business, so the Sales Order step was dropped in favor of directly writing the Sales Invoice instead.


Hi @bkm

For a new revision of an Sales-INV it is the same process (for all submitable records):
Cancel > Amend > Save > You got a new revision :wink:

Thank you! Thant gives me project to work on today. I may be able to simplify some of our processes now.