Problems with Webform

I created a new doctype and made it accessible via the Web Form doctype to logged in website users. They should be able to view and edit past entries. However, when I attempt to view the page as a website user, I receive the scary message:

User [username] does not have doctype access via role permission for document [my doctype]

Obviously this isn’t ideal for my website users.

Looking further into the matter, I see this website call:

http://localhost:8000/?doctype=[my doctype]&docname=&perm_type=delete&cmd=frappe.client.has_permission

The response to this query is what is causing the message. However, I don’t know why the query is being sent. In the Web Form document, I set the following options:

Is Standard
Login Required
Route to Success Link
Allow Edit
Allow Multiple
Show as Grid - this doesn’t appear to have any effect??
Allow Delete
Allow Print
Allow Comments
Show Attachments
Allow Incomplete Forms

Since I’m not authorizing delete on the Web Form, I would expect that it doesn’t query for delete privileges. What’s going on here?

I’ve also tried selecting the “Allow Delete” option and grating delete access to my website user role, but that doesn’t appear to have an effect either.


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