Procedure documentation

I think I understand how the Manufacturing module is supposed to operate. We create demand and work is allocated to workstations. The raw materials are pulled from Stock according to the BOM(s). All good so far.

But, how does the workstation know what to do with the raw materials. Is there a method of providing an assembly procedure to the workstation with the raw materials? And, is there a way of controlling this procedure so that the workstation can be sure it has the latest approved procedure?


Have you tried Operations? These are the activities that occur for every phase/step of the manufacturing process… check out: Operation

What “production” version of ERPNext uses “Operations”

I do not see it in my v10 sites. Is it in v11 or 12?


It should be available in v10 as well. You will have a check box in the BOM named “with operations” I think.

Ahh, ok. In my v10 BOMs that box is greyed out. I will probably have to create new ones in order to alter that ( I am guessing ).

Thanks for the tip.


Yes you can create a new one and you should be able to add operations. This functionality has been around since a while, you may find it prior to v10 also :slight_smile:

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