Process multiple sales orders


I’m trying to figure out, if I can set up erpnext to process multiple sales orders at once. We are selling a lot of the same articles to different customers. For example a box of chocolates.

If there are 100 sales orders from our online shop and we want to put them on one pick list without opening every single on, how can this be done?
Also invoices have to be send out by selecting all the sales orders and clicking a “send via e-mail” button.

Is that a standard functionality or can it be set up?

Best regards

Hi. If you are on WooCommerce then you can use the WooCommerce connector app that takes care of making sales invoices and inventory. You can the make workflow to send invoices by email. However, the email part can also be done by WooCommerce.

Thank you for your quick reply.

We havn’t decided yet what shop system we are going to use. But from experience Wordpress and Woocommerce wouldn’t be a good fit for our purpose.

Also orders should be managed via ERPNext. We don’t want two systems handling the same routines.