Process Payroll for Permitted Salary Structures

I’m trying to delegate processing of payroll to different people so I added user permissions to salary structures.

When I tried to process payroll with limited permissions, I got an “Insufficient Permission for Salary Structure” error which is coming from the other salary structures. How can I Process Payroll using only my permitted salary structures?

Is there a workaround I can do to achieve this?


  1. Check if you have the HR User/Manager role assigned to you.

  2. If so do you have the Write and Create options for the same.

Also, what user permissions did you apply to salary structure? Providing some more info on the same will be helpful.

Hi @kennethsequeira,

I customized the form and added a new parameter called “Access Level”. I then added this rule to the role permissions of the user.

Now when I run Process Payroll, I would like to be able to process only the salary structures that I have permissions on. It seems that the script is trying to process all the salary structures regardless of permissions.

Thanks for replying!