Process payroll issues. Infinite loop

I might be losing my mind, or I might be blind… I’m running in circles trying to find out how to process payroll based off timesheets.

Step 1: Enter “Process Payroll”. Set frequency, and check “Based off timesheets” (not sure why the frequency field disappears after the checkbox). Click “Create Salary Slip” and nothing happens

Step 2: Enter " New Salary Slip". Before entering any information, it presents “Please set payroll frequency first” . Ok, setting payroll frequency in the same form immediately throws “No active or default Salary Structure found for employee for the given dates”

Step 3: Enter “Salary Structure”. I entered the one that I created and noticed that the employees are all listed in the table, and “Salary Slip Based on Timesheet” is checked.

Am I missing something really simple? ERPNext is fairly intuitive 99% of the time, but this has got me ripping my hair out.

Any advice would be very helpful


In the process payroll- the frequency field disappears after the check box- we are looking into this.

have you completed all the necessary pre-setup steps in order for payroll to work right? it seems to me that you don’t have all the salary structure components setup right, nor do you have those associated to your employees that use timesheets. There is a field on the salary structure for this purpose.

Interesting. I definitely feel like I have missed something very simple, but have re-created each of the forms to no avail. I do have the employees set up in the salary structure, with base and variable at 0.00, and nothing in the earnings or deductions tables, but I do have “Salaray Slip Based on Timesheet” checked.

I have an employee in the salary structure and I still get “No active or default Salary Structure found for employee ------- for the given dates”. Is there a different place to set the default salary structure?

Also, I noticed that the Salary Slip form doesnt allow for “Salary Slip Based on Timesheet” to be checked… Is this read-only/linked with salary structure?

On the salary structure document, make sure that the company matches the company of the employee (also linked in the table) and also ensure that the from date and to date are outside of the current period you are trying to run payroll for. You will also notice on the salary structure document (below the list of associated employees) a tick box for salary based on timesheet. This needs to be checked. You then of course fill in the earnings and deductions that actually make up the structure for those employees. Don’t put salaried employees or other employees that don’t get time based on timesheet on this document. Create another structure for them.

Then you need to ensure that your employees that get pay from timesheet have actually submitted timesheets for the time period of payroll.

I had all of the criteria you suggested entered correctly, but there is some problem in the behavior of it. When creating a new Salary Slip, I have to select the start date and end date before doing anything else. If I choose Payroll Frequency first, and then set the dates, it gives the error “No active or default Salary Structure found for employee ------- for the given dates”

That part is strange, but also, I’m unable to use Process Payroll. Filling in the fields and clicking “process” doesn’t return anything

Can you please share some screenshots of the Salary Structure and then the error or the filled up fields of Process Payroll. And also salary slip.

It has been fixed. Will be merged soon.

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