Process payroll not working for 40 plus employees, salary slip not generating,no error

In our office we r using ERPnext and now we r planned to do Payroll process,In our office- total 500+ employees,& I’m running process payroll by department wise(created departments),but for small department process payroll generating salary slips & working,
bur for big department (40+ employees) process payroll not working, no error,not generating salary slip
Please help

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-Check whether against employee salary slip has already created for the selected period. Kindly change the filter if salary slip has not created and try to do the process again.

For more details, please check the section Process Payroll in the following link


  • Check whether for the Employees for which Default Salary Structure is set or not.

Salary slip not created and I am first time creating salary slips
and for small departments(filter) salary slip created no problem,but for more than 40 employees department not creating salary slips and salary structure procedure is done
I think, some http_timeout problem there, but i don’t know how to set timeout

Thank you

@shraddha I also faced this issue. In V8 - the process seems to be timing out before it can finish the process for all employees. I had to break down the process by generating payslips by department or by designation. There was no error while generating payslips by department or designation. If I generate payslip for the entire company - it always timed out. The same thing happened if the department was large. So - had to break that down also.

There seems to be some performance related issue…we didn’t get any error messages either.

So I have to create many small departments and generate salary slips, ok I will do that
Thank you @kirthi and @shraddha