Process Payroll times out

Process Payroll keeps timing out fro 150 employees. This has been happening since v8. We have been processing payroll by department and designation to reduce theno of payslips to be processed and it is a pain. The same happens while submitting the salary slips as well.

Anyone else facing this issue? Are there any settings that need to be changed to increase the process timing?


Could you send the console log from browser? Are you using self-hosted ERPNext or Frappe Cloud ?

You may need to disable Email Salary Slip to Employee in HR settings.

Check this issue Submit 230 Salary Slips in Process Payroll page, Timeout · Issue #9915 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I have already disabled that setting.
@Pawan I’m using self-hosted ERPNext. I’ll send the console log.