Process Payroll with cost center

I want to Process Payroll with cost center.

my scenario is my company has 4 branches and they want to make salary cost baised on branch cost center .
in ACCOUNT section there is only Payment Account without option to choose cost center!

How I can do that?


Salary Slip doesn’t have impact on accounting. While creating Journal Entry for the Salary, with an expense account, you can also select Cost Center with it.

please create Github Issue for the suggestion of adding Cost Center in the Salary Component.

Thanks @umair,
So what the the use of this section?


To select related Bank account to make Bank entry.


After related Bank account how will make the bank entry?
system or the accountant?

Accountant. Or HR user can create and Accountant can approve it by submting. For that, you will have to give Create permission to HR User/Manager on Journal Entry.

Hi @umair

Trust you’re doing great. An HR User/Manager should be able to submit salary slips without having permissions for Journal Entry! You should only require those permissions when making Bank Entry

Right now, when the HR Manager tries to submit salary slips using the Process Payroll tool, they get an ‘insufficient permissions for Journal Entry’ error!

Please help look into this


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Mohamed Did u Find Solution For this Because i have same issue and when i create custom field in salary structure didn’t make any sense and when i make payroll entry there only one cost center to chose