Processing and Packaging Tracking

Hello ERPNext Team,
Pls suggest the appropriate functionality to use for the below use-case.

Our FarmerCoop(Company) has a Packaging-Warehouse where raw Turmeric stems are processed into Turmeric powder and packaged into small units.

I need to track the below.

  1. Stock movement of 100kg turmeric stems and 100 Plastic bags from main warehouse to Packaging warehouse. Transportation charge of 2000/-
  2. Refining/Grading/Pounding/Processing done at warehouse to convert stem into powder at 5000/- cost.
  3. 90kg turmeric powder (10kg wastage) extracted.
  4. Plastic bags used to create 90 one kg powder packets.
  5. 1kg Packets sent to the Main-Warehouse with Transportation charges of 3000/-

I need to track the stock movement, plastic covers movement, transportation charges, processing fee, wastage. It would be nice if i could link the 90Kg powder packets to the 100Kg turmeric stems for tracking purpose.

I read through ERPNext topics, and found StockEntry, Production order with BOM, SubContracting very close to what i need. But not able to narrow down on the choice. Please suggest the right way.


hello @kothagunda

Maybe this would give you some idea for your problem

we had some problems and we use stock entry extensively and i think its a swiss army knife for
small manufacturing process that doesn’t need complete manufacturing steps.

its just my one cent comment.

best regards


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@tara_antonius Thanks a lot Anton. Will use the StockEntry.

Yup you are totally right. It is a swiss knife according to what i know. But it think kitchen knife like wusthof works too

Are you sure it is a wusthof knife? I think we could discuss a better product on a dnd discord server. Come join me from discordserverlists