Processing Purchase Returns

I need to understand how to process purchase returns. Here is the scenario. i purchase some goods from wholesaler (supplier) time to time. i pay him weekly some times monthly. there are some items we return to supplier due to bad quality or any other reason. we follow the following cycle for purchase
1: Purchase Order
2: Purchase Receipt
2.1 Purchase return
3: Invoice
4: payment

Everything works fine in the this cycle need some help regarding purchase return.
from the manual link below system generate purchase receipt in negative.

On submission of Return Purchase Return, system will decrease item qty from the mentioned warehouse.
ok so far so good … but when i check my accounts payable for the supplier it is not adjusted accordingly …
kindly how to process further from this point onward to subtract the return from supplier payments.


After making purchase return in purchase receipt, then you have to make debit note in purchase invoice to deduct payable…

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