Product Bundle and stock entry

We had submitted a delivery note with product bundle as one item. We were expecting that the child items will get reduced from the stock. However there was no change in the stock. Is there something else that needs to be done to update the stock?



Make sure you have selected warehouse for individual bundle items in delivery note and invoice , also tick update stock tickbox in sales invoice


Thanks @inventobd for the quick reply. The packing list is showing the warehouse and the quantity. However projected quantity seems to be 1.5 times the required.
From what I understand from your mail is that the stock will be updated by the invoice. But will it also affect non product bundle items?


Check the dates. Make sure you are checking balances in the right sequence.

Also if you have a Stock Reconciliation after that date, it will not change the values.

Thanks @rmehta for the reply. I checked what you had asked. There is an entry for Purchase receipt. There is no stock entry for the reduction of the stock. The dates filter is from 1/4/15 to present date. I also checked it on the demo. The stock doesnot seem to be getting updated there also.


Is your item a Stock Item?

@Amit_Saxena Can you share the delivery note number of the demo?

@rmehta he delivery Note number is DN-00091


Stock Ledger looks alright.

maybe there are entries “after” that particular entry. the balance depends on the sequence.