Product Bundle - Cost Calculation

Would like to ask a quick one…
How can we write a piece of code to get customization done on an existing module.
Use Case - We would like to get the cost of a bundled product from the total cost of the respective item cost, current module does not have this calculation done.

Any inputs on modifying the same would be highly welcome.

Have you looked at the Manufacturing module? The BOM doctype should be able get the cost of a bundled product. How does this fall short?

Thank You @Ben_Cornwell_Mott
Sales Order is not access to BOM.

how to access BOM in sales order or sales quotation.

Any solution for this…

I have the same issue, How I can get the cost?
The Manufacturing module is not configured or not used in our case.
Any idea?

@Mohammed_Redha we will soon be working on product bundle. Will keep posted.

Any update on this ?

Hi. Actually no. We moved all clients to V12 that has better product bundle.

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