Product bundle: how to keep track of individual item's sales?


We make paper lamps. And either sell:

  • just the paper lamp
  • kits: paper lamp + electrical parts (wire, switch, socket, bulb)

The paper lamps are manufactured items.
The kits are Product Bundles.

I have an income account for paper lamps and another one for the electrical parts. But when I make a Product Bundle it asks me for an account for that bundled item. And, as far as I could understand, if I see everything as a bundle it will all be filed under the account customised in the bundle. And so I loose track of the different parts.

Is this correct? Am I getting it wrong? How can I use Product Bundles but still have each item of the bundle filed under its own account?

Thanks in advance,

Thinking about it… my items are already assigned to different item groups so probably there’s no point in using multiple accounts when I can already get what I want through the “Sales Order Trends” report, am I right?

So probably it will be simpler to use a single Sales account and forget about this, correct?

Thanks again,

Er… but now I’m confused… because in the “Sales Order Trends” I can only see the Product Bundles sold, but not the individual items. So I’m still stuck without knowing how much I sold of each different thing.

How can I see what individual items I really sold when they were sold through Product Bundles?


PS. Sorry about this burst of updates